OPEN Lickety Split Before I Change my Mind (Video)

Busy gearing up for when we do have rain here and my practice keeps me going strong. Family issues have been pressing, as well as water shortages, and I digress and eat when nervous.

Do you also fall into bad habits? Well you better catch this video, before I have second thoughts about exposing my darker side, and remove it. I will see what others say and what feedback I receive.

Hopefully you can learn something about willpower, and setting intentions the day before, even if you are not a munch-a-holic. Willpower works in the same manner for any and all areas of concern.

Here, in my life, my new dog is growing into quite the watchdog. I have obtained a new feral cat from the pound, to keep her company. The new dog has really frightened my other feral cats. I needed to get them a feisty, wild, male cat who would hiss and scratch at her, and hold his ground, so the other feral cats might obtain a little cat food. It seems as if my intuition regarding animals has been spot on, while also being able to rescue them from cages.

So what habits do you need to change? What issues are pressing for you? In which arena is willpower a struggle for you? Oddly enough, to address any of these areas of concern, we can set our intentions the day before. It is advisable to decide our intentions, before we go to bed, and decide what to work on, while naturally in the theta brain wave, during our rapid eye movement (REM) dream state. You might also try writing it down, visualizing it, really get into the feel of it. The more senses that you involve, the richer and fuller the imagination, the stronger the results.

Remember we reset ourselves during REM sleep. Do not use up the willpower of the day, set your intentions the day before to get a jump start. We all have a finite amount of willpower.

Please do not forget the gratitude practice in the morning to evoke the Law of Attraction. Yes, a simple counting our blessings raises our vibrations so that the universe answers us by matching those higher frequencies.

If you desire, write me directly at about what you wish me to address in a video. I’m going to get back into making a few more videos. I will also update my website as I no longer make a fresh video each week.

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