Theta Healer

Theta HealingI am a Theta Healer who provides Theta Healing™; an energy healing method developed by Vianna Stibal, an incredible psychic and one of the most intelligent and dedicated Theta Healers. Theta Healing™ is accomplished in the Theta brainwave state. It follows no religious path but encompasses all faiths. It enlists divine energy, our commonalities, quantum physics, and a metaphysical mind/body connection. It can be associated with miraculous, instantaneous healings which have no apparent scientific basis.

My clients consistently remark how refreshed and relaxed they are after a session. It is like having a mini vacation without leaving your hometown. Theta Healing™ does not take too many sessions to learn. If you can imagine it, you can do it independently at home. Most clients have profound healing experiences within 24 hours of a single session. Please visit Vianna Stibal’s website for more information.

I am not a physical health care provider, nor am I replacing medical advice or treatment. Yet as a Theta Healer, I assist you into the Theta brain wave state. When accessing divine healings, alternative healings are possible.

I have clearly seen the serotonin in various clients’ brains increase during the session. This increase and balancing of serotonin eliminates depression. At times, my clients need to come in weekly, for several months, to continue with this progress. However, this is not always the case and often I only see a client once a year, or once in a great while, for Theta Healing sessions.

The Theta brain wave is the second slowest brain wave and is often associated with the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep state. Frequently clients enter the Theta brain wave during the first session. This is clearly self evident by the REM, easily felt in the eyes within several minutes.

Divora Stern is a registered Theta Healer Master and instructor by Vianna Stibal of Idaho Falls Id.