“Divora has sharp diagnostic skills, and a commitment to working with your strengths. Her warm encouraging nature can be exactly what a person needs who has lost direction and hope. I strongly urge you to give her a call. She turned my life around in only seven sessions. Before that I was a hopeless drunk. We uncovered incest and I broke through the cause of my incredible pain. In essence, I have a new lease on life!”

– Ukiah, male client 2008

“What can I say? When people close to me ask me why I talk so highly about Divora I just say that during the time of my divorce, that VERY DARK AND TRYING PERIOD, she simply saved my life. There is nothing more to state about Divora’s support and caring.”

Ukiah, MSS 2005

“I cannot thank Divora enough. She has helped me and my family through such an ordeal. I was so upset that I was puking blood. My anxiety was through the roof. I now have my life back in control. Divora continues helping me with the fine tuning, as she is always just a phone call away.”

Willits, Single Mom 2006

“I cannot hardly believe it! Just one session and my whole attitude has changed. I now know that I can go home and talk to my husband without bitterness and that he will help me. I did not have this feeling even an hour ago. Before I saw Divora, I felt STUCK, RESENTFUL, & HOPELESS. I can hardly believe my turnaround in one hour with this amazing counselor. I am sure that my husband will want his own session, to level the playing field before we go back as a couple when he sees the changes in me. WHAT A TURNAROUND!”

– Laytonville, KS 2009

“Divora helped me get off of a legal but very destructive, addicting drug. No other therapists or programs ever “took.” I guess I needed some very caring, individual, professional assistance. Someone to help me look at the root of my issues. And no, by looking at me you would never dream that such a successful businessman would have had such a dark secret.”

– Your average Joe 2012