Antidepressants: Problematic or Helping: You tell Me? (Video)

Today one in five Americans are on antidepressants. Do you think it is working?

The NICABM, the National Institute for the Clinical Application in Behavioral Medicine, agrees with me, that medication for depression is quite problematic. Wonder what the worst side effect for antidepressants is? Suicide. Fact, the multimillion dollar antidepressant industry cannot show better results than placebos.

Antidepressants must be slowly titrated up and down. There are so many, a person might have lengthy attempts at this or that, with horrendous side effect profiles.

So why do we want to just reach for a pill versus doing our inner work? Well, it is simply not our fault. We live in a fast paced, immediate gratification society. Popping a pill seems easier than doing the inner work. Our trusted doctors have unwittingly led us down the wrong path. However the harsh reality of our depressive statistics are proving the quick fix wrong, more and more.

Amazingly you have tools within you to assist you in fighting depression and anxiety. Some like to go for a hard run, to get the right chemicals fired up in our brain. There are many methods. But drinking alcohol certainly is not one of them.

How long do people need the wool pulled over their eyes and be spoon fed cures, without doing the inner work? Healing from trauma, getting to sleep, dealing with depression & anxiety… it’s all in the works.

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