Divora Finally Dropped a Deuce on Us (Video)

We are back again into a drought, which makes filming for me easy, as I do have VIEWS!

So in essence I feel like I am cheating in the gratitude process. Who could not feel gratitude waking up here?

Sometimes it’s very cold and frosty here. The first thing I do after my gratitude practice is make a fire, and I’m sharing that with you awesome tribe members.

We are going to slow our heart rates down with some deep breathing. It can change your energy in just one minute. (I accidentally said two minutes.)

Yes even a minute can change your energy.

When I say dropped a deuce, I mean breath and grounding. Breath in divine energy, all that is positive and makes you feel lighter and more OPEN. Breathe down what does not belong to you, what does not serve you, from the arch of your feet and the center of your spine. Send it into the center of our planet, into the red hot magma to be rehabilitated, and then sent to the light. Just use your intention and imagination and do this every day! Perhaps after you brush your teeth.

I wove in speaking about TRE. Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises. Now TRE is not an alternative practice like grounding, and the entire concept of chakras and aura. TRE, while relatively unknown, is based on Dr Stephen Porges, Vasal Vegal Theory, and founded by Dr David Berceli. TRE would be an acceptable modality for those only interested in psychotherapy and Western Medicine. Perhaps for your family members.

If you are experiencing some shaky moments, and things are askew, the heavens are in Mercury Retrograde. Think about not signing any contracts for something new until after Feb 11th, 2015. While life cannot just stop, you might wish to notice when on the calendar Mercury Retrograde happens two more times this year. Set your intentions for any trip or projects way in advance of those times to have as little of the Mercury Retrograde energy attached.

As always much love and light, particularly during this time…

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