Backwards Manifestations very short video TIPS (Video)

Your going to have to watch at least one minute of this four minute video to find the latest tip. And I froze to get this to you, it’s been down to the mid twenties Fahrenheit.

Even though these videos are time consuming, many of you responded how you enjoyed them. Of course you self actualizers are so so kind and told me to follow my heart. Some stated you would follow me regardless, a sincere thank you.

However I do wish to remind you that your brain works in pictures. That is why I concentrate on visualization, and intentions so frequently.I also mention journaling, to involve yet anther sense, Kinetics.

For my brilliant tip, WATCH the video!
We use time, as a manifestation technique.

Some of you might be thinking… “Yeah yeah, I have evoked the Law of Attraction so many times but the changes just do not appear.” I am addressing this now. I continue to provide you some ways to integrate the conscious mind with the subconscious, forming new neuronal pathways. Allowing for more communication between the right and left hemispheres of the cortex.

Did you know that the female brain’s corpus callosum is 23% thicker than those of males? Allowing for more communication between the two halves? While male brains are bigger, and they feel less fear.

So what are you going to manifest in 2015? I will answer your notes to me personally if you write to

Love Yourself as I send you love & light…

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