You are invited: Not a Pity Party

I grew up in a very eventful family. My parents were fresh immigrants to the US, as minors, after WWII. As teens that were child Holocaust survivors, they proceeded to pop out four kids in less than five years. My dad found himself with no real employment skills, and anger management issues. Therefore money was tight to put it mildly.

My two younger siblings are long dead from cancer. I do not tell you this as a pity party, quite the opposite! You see I am bound and determined to live my life in another vein. My past can and does impact me. It’s like I’m walking up a very steep incline at all times. However, I continually, steadfastly, doggedly creep up the mountain of self actualization.

My path is why I am so adamant about alternative medicine, holistic health, The Law of Attraction, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, increasing self love and self empowerment. Because without these complementary and alternative healing modalities, I would be lost, broke, and at death’s door. This journey is me pulling myself up not only by my bootstraps, but by the skin of my teeth.

The only reason I explain all of this is to tell you that you can pull yourself out of whichever quagmire that sucks you in or sticks to you. Inch by inch, step by step, thought by thought we can make positive movement. No much of our environment we CANNOT change, but we CAN CHANGE OUR RESPONSE TO IT!

Healing nicely from my bad fall, and now seriously working on changing my diet. I have not had coffee for two days, always switching everything up and beta testing on myself. I will keep you informed.

AS usual much love & light

Divora Stern, LCSW
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