Yet another traditional TRE Movie… (Video)

My apologies for the absences and lapses, and not getting back to you each week. It’s been a few months now of intermittent contact. Once I fell of the weekly bandwagon, it’s hard to get back on during the summer months.

I have been toying with the idea of having mini healing retreats here. I’d love to know what you think about that. I have had some unexpected Beijing visitors, who absolutely fell in love with my property.

The Beijing couple wish to begin a rustic ranch, healing center with me here. They drank my green smoothies with me. They partook in my organic food here, daily. They experienced energy healing for the first time, It was a very warm and comfortable connection from across the globe. They were astonished how great they felt here, being exposed to another lifestyle. I their had assistance finishing off my vegetable gardens. They wish that more Chinese people could have access to this lifestyle.

So yet another TRE movie. (I will include my Beijing visitors in next weeks movie!) This one clearly outlines the first three TRE exercises. The third exercise is also modified for easier use.

Has anyone tried TRE for stress reduction? Truth be told, I needed help learning TRE, in the beginning. I could not learn it from David Berceli’s book without assistance.

Years ago I purchased Berceli’s first book on TRE, and was worried I might hurt myself just performing the exercises. The key here, is to modify any exercise, so that you are not in pain while performing them. The exercise can be skipped, or altered, to get you into the self induced, neurogenic tremors, (shaking.)

I’m sure I look very awkward, and so do some others, but it’s not only fun, it’s quite therapeutic. It assist me on a regular basis, with my little aches and pains.

TRE has helped me with a very bad back pain when I could not book an appointment for a massage, or chiropractor on a Friday morning, a few years ago, after a bad fall. When I realized no helping appointments were available, I was forced to work on myself. My impression was that I needed assistance with the ensuing trauma of slipping and a hard fall. I was in such pain I had trouble walking. Well tremoring Friday, Saturday and Sunday, made an astonishing, difference. By Monday morning I was almost totally healed. It was almost unbelievable, even to myself, a TRE practitioner.

It can look odd to the observer, but actually is quite relaxing. It is also a good way to get a workout for more sedentary folks. If you cannot do many exercises, in general, the tremoring lying down might be a perfect match.

As always Love & Light

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