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Well one cannot complain about too many e-mails from me.
Although I do personally get annoyed with the healers and alternative medicine practitioners, who barrage me daily (or more) with their e-mails. Skip a few paragraphs of catch up if you have a busy day. Or just jump to the video.

I have also adopted a new 12 month old pound rescue puppy. I have renamed her Chia, from a similar name. Actually the rescue shelter did not fully disclose her abuse status until I adopted her. Then they brought out a cage carrier for me to borrow to get her into my car. She actually escaped even before she made it into my car. She appears to have some damage in her vision and hearing, perhaps she was used as a bait dog, in dog fights early on. However above all she is smart, aggressive, a little wild, but calming down each day. I will work with her with alternative medicine as well. She will turn into a great watchdog, and most likely take on the coyotes and bears that will bother us here.

So here in California we have many forest fires and a drought. As the property owner, I do get help from my renter Dave with maintenance on the water system. However as the property owner, it’s really my sole responsibility. With twelve tanks, that I have plumbed myself, and various gardens here & there, that I maintain, AND working, I am so sorry to have been lax at my communications.

A Beijing long term visitor age 42 commented. “Divora I see you working in your kitchen when I get up, you do not take a nap like us, and I see you working when I go to bed each night. Your energy AMAZES ME!” Yes I am thankful and grateful for my energy. It appears to come naturally. Yet could it also be my mindset? I do think so.

Having several younger siblings already deceased from cancer, and another younger half sibling suffering greatly from cancer, does not have me in a fear state. Quite the opposite. They were closed to the concept of alternative medicine. I am affected by their deaths, and my place role in the family was definitely one of the most abused. So my past lends towards dis-ease. However my future is one of hope, gratitude and healing. This did not come naturally to me or drop out of the sky on top of me. I have sought this out, slowly, deliberately, and consciously. You can also it is your choice.

My family of origin is still quite involved in drama, strife and lack of forgiveness. I try my best to separate from these lower vibrations. It serves no one. Of course at times I get drawn in, I am human. Then I take a deep breath, see my reactivity, and disengage. They state that a little stress keeps one on top of their game and healthy. So thank you universe for this constant tune up!

As you might notice my videos are another home done project, by myself. The choppiness you might see is due to the wind blowing my hair into my eyes and a few cuts due to this. So I will also work on improving my video quality. But I really just wished to share myself, raw and naturally. Please watch the turkey vultures circling in the sky during the beginning, and take in some slow deep healing breaths while you enjoy any free content.

I touch on so many topics close to my heart. Neuro-plasticity and forming new neuronal pathways is of utmost importance. Simple And easy. Form new neuronal paths by thinking positive affirmations in the here and now. That is also the second half of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT). First we must cancel our automatic negative thoughts which form our belief systems.

Have you yet looked into TRE? Trauma Prevention.com is where you can find more information a site that the founder Dr David Berceli developed. It is a powerful healing modality.

I’ve found a few newer to me healing healing modalities that I have been using and playing with, that also appear awesome. Somatic therapy is my newest shining star. I initially work with myself as my beta tester, and it has been powerfully healing. Somatic Therapy is tried and true, not really alternative medicine, but more of a mind body connection. I am studying and practicing up on this as it is invaluable!
A great tool for releasing any trauma. Remember trauma can even be defined by your body organism as an operation. Yes surgical intervention is seen by your physical organism as trauma.

I am also experimenting with a Chinese technique. To be explored later in video form and with an explanation. Currently it is breaking up some blockages. My water system is located on a steep hill, and requires miles of walking with tools, digging and much strenuous physical labor. I reported some surprising painful side effects, to my teacher. “I almost collapsed twice in the plumbing store in spasms!” He replied “Oh I forgot to tell you it can be painful at first, breaking up some Chi and dysfunctional patterns.” All right then I am in the “No pain, no gain stages.” However I get a strong intuitive sense to stick with this Chinese Healing modality, so I will. I will update you on this soon.

As always I mention Theta Healing and chakra clearings in my video. I cannot stay away from what has worked for me in my healing journey. Alternative Medicine is what spurs me on. I hope to infect you with my enthusiasm, my personal journey into health. Warn you of my trials and errors. I would certainly caution you with this new Chinese Healing Technique, as was omitted by my personal teacher.

The journey of my personal healing has taken many twists and turns. I have wound up on a remote hill, again not by accident. I remember a past life right here, as a Native American. At first it might seem odd, Jewish gal, first in my family to be born on this continent, in wild, raw nature setting. You are aware there are no accidents?

So please do like and comment on my free video offerings! I would greatly appreciate this support.

As always Light & Love from my heart

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