Oh Yeah, Brain Health (Video)

I cannot stop talking about our brains, because it is of utmost importance that we protect them. What good would physical health or abundance be, if we slip into cognitive decline…

Within this six minute video, you get Dr Amen’s maximum recommended quantity of alcoholic drinks advised, per week. No it’s not what you think, sorry, you wine buffs. But the Amen Clinics have performed over 100,000 functional brain scans by now.

However, now that Neuroscience is such a hot topic, (it is with me,) we have hard proof. Dr Amen clearly states that most prescription pharmaceuticals also do damage. Does Getting some sun sound better than an antidepressant? Do not forget the hat!

So, who’s going to join me in trying to wolf down seven cups of vegetables, daily. I am so very fortunate that my collards are sweet this time of year. Perhaps I need to get busy freezing some concentrated green smoothies, before the heat sets in…

It is unclear to me who won the contest so sorry. I am VERY grateful that some of you subscribed to my Youtube channel. However without comments I cannot figure out who liked what and how many. If you did subscribe, please post a comment under one that you liked, so that I might know which one. Then e-mail me directly at this e-address. I will let you know who the winner is next week.

I do think my brain is a little clearer on the green smoothies, and I am retaining more memory. I have actually fallen in love with my green drinks! So just try it! Here’s a tip if you are limiting your carbs: Greens + Stevia + Yogurt + cooled cinnamon herbal tea, is quite palatable, at least in my humble opinion.

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