Neurons in our Hearts & Gut? (Video)

We used to make jokes poking fun of men: “Thinking with their Little Heads.” However, they are really discussing mens’ responses to their hormones. Testosterone is powerful, indeed. This is an example of hormones driving our neuronal activity.

I ask you to look deep within yourself, your process, your growth.  Are you truely feeling more?   Do you get nagging feelings when munching on on junk food, or when overindulging, ( as I do ) and just push those feelings deeper?  When someone is trying to persuade you, do you ever get that knawing knot in your stomach?  Are there instances when you just get queasy reactions, uncertainty or a feeling of things just not right, or unaligned with your goals? Is this happening, and you have just negated these feelings?

So congratulations at feeling these upsets more and more. No cheering at misfortune, here. But we are encouraged that you are connecting more to your innate senses. While the heart is exponentially more magnetically powerful than the brain, the number of neurons does not rival the count of neurons in the brain.

The gut, is loaded with almost as many neurons as the brain. So that is why I am mixing, neuroplasticity, decreasing anxiety & depression, with chakras. Please note a newness of my movie, I mix gorgeous scenery with grounding, (as mindfulness,) and add in mention of the lower chakras.

Wow sounds complicated even to me, and I just wrote it. But it is not, and the video is less than a two minute view.

The lowers chakras need to be stable & clean for us to self actualize. Nature can draw you in to connect with the universe. Seemingly effortless, rapid, grounding. Once connected to our planet, changes happen, in the here and now easier. Appreciating nature can be a mindfulness practice.

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