Ever eat half a huge bag of chips? What Happened (Video)

Ever eat half a huge bag of chips… What Happened to Divora?
OK so it’s been a full eight months. Stuff happens, I explain in less than 45 seconds into the video. Please watch it and like it, if you feel drawn to.

So late last week I made this video, and immediately published it on Youtube and laid out a self challenge. Then what happened? I took a huge step backwards! Here I went public with a weight reduction plan, without my secret weapon. (That being, amp up the hard labor, to replace working out! It has always worked coupled with no evening or night time eating.)

So what did I allow myself to do? I ate a huge family size bag of chips, in two nights along with a (two) full boxes of gluten free, organic cookies and half a refrigerator of food! A 48 hour binge, melt down, over here. Certainly a five pound weight gain.

So I feel as if, I have had challenge after challenge, after challenge. Inhale, take it in stride, and start over. What are YOU struggling with? How can I assist you?

Can I challenge you to comment under my video? It doesn’t have to be weight reduction. WHAT ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH? Publicly state what amazing task you will attempt. I double, ditch dare you. I did it and belly flopped, big time. Hopefully you will just gracefully accept this challenge. I promise to comment for free here or in a private e-mail. I’ll stick with you, if you engage with me publicly.

I exposed myself AND I’m not feeling particularly strong. I’m in a sluggish chip, cookie two day & night binge, overhang. Over sixty years old, with a new handicap. So if I can do something BIG what are you going to do? I will stick with you, as you have on this list!

As usual Love & Light

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