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I have been super busy seeing clients, yes earning the extra money to support my second daughter through the University of Berkeley. I am so honored and fortunate to do this.

I have learned so much recently, studying the human brain. I am soaking up new information daily to improve my own brain health. I hope you also delve in new learning and new activities to build new neuronal pathways.

Some stress is actually good. Too much wears one out, but pushing yourself, on a regular basis, is a good idea. I need to learn how to put my brakes on a little. I had a homeostasis, (a norm,) of pushing myself too much to merely survive for decades. We all have our own challenges.

In this short video, you will see my dog Luke, a few days before I buried him. You will also hear how the male brain works.

Fortunately for me, my new brain chemistry knowledge, allowed me to become non reactive in a tight situation. I was able to see things in such a different light, and not take things personally.

Life unfolds with a continual learning process. We can see this as a gift or a challenge… it is our choice how we view our environment. Thank you for joining me, and allowing you to share my recent story!

Yes Luke and I were able to close and heal one large weeping cancer wound, over about five months. However due to his history in lockdown at the pound, for eight months, he developed several types of cancer. Perhaps he was just worn out at age nine, fighting off the multiple diseases. You might wish to share this with dog lovers everywhere.

On to the contest… I had the opportunity to visit my daughter who is attending Berkeley lately. Although she is 90% closed to energy healing, she uses my services when in crisis. She does acknowledge how much I have helped my clients who believe in this work! She begs me to stay with extremely difficult cases, even though I feel like I am doing all the work. I do not break anyone’s confidentiality, but when she is home, she overhears my end of the conversation through the walls as I speak loudly. (She has no idea who I am speaking to.) She states “They are so abused and messed up, no one else will help them like you do! Stick with them even if you are doing all the work you are helping!!!”

Well of course my daughters are getting more and more psychic as I work on them. Everyone gets more psychic as I work with them, and we clear out what does not belong there.

My daughter said to me “Mom what did you do to yourself? Oh you did this ___________, and then ________ it with Luke.” However, since my daughter
takes 16 units at Berkeley, in Chemistry/Biology double major, AND works a 30 hours free internship in a lab, I never told her about Luke’s advanced cancer. I just wish for her to concentrate on her studies and get into a PhD program fall of 2017. (No my daughters are not on my list and do not concern themselves with energy healing.)

So there are two ways to win the free 20 minute Skype or phone clearing. One is to get the answer to the question right. Another is to subscribe to my youtube channel and like my videos. Of course the combination of both the answer, subscribing and many likes, will win you the free clearing. Or you might outdo everyone, by subscribing, liking many videos and adding a few words of comments after the videos.

As always love and light to you and yours

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